Premium Thyme Honey (70%)

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FoodsCross Premium Honey can be seen as the definition of liquid gold. Their thyme honey production has resulted in a unique taste of nature, with a distinguished amber colour and pleasant taste experience unlike any other. A high concentration of fructose creates a hint of spice, traceable to the exceptionally high percentage (70%) of thyme pollen grains present in the honey. 

Unique traits

To achieve a 70% presence of thyme pollen in their honey, FoodsCross goes above and beyond. After years of research, the island of Astyapalaia was considered the ultimate location to accomplish their premium craving.

An important note to consider - according to EU legislation a thyme honey can be named as such once a minimum of 18% of thyme pollen is present. 

FoodsCross' 70% is obtained through a responsible, small-scale, seasonal and eco-conscious approach. Fascinating fact is the beehive queens of FoodsCross have been there since 2015! (generally queens live between 9-13 months) 

Every jar is finished, sealed, and numbered by hand. 

Location | Astyapalaia (island), Greece
Honey variety | Thyme (70%)
Harvest | Seasonal availability only
No additives 
No chemical/protein/heat treatment used at any stage of harvest/production

Your contribution

FoodsCross Premium Thyme Honey is a result of the outstanding collaboration found between local farmers, breeders, and a group of Greek pioneers. The aim of the FoodsCross group is to highlight the synergies between nature's talents and human attentiveness. Cultivation takes place with wisdom and patience, resulting in the highest possible quality. FoodsCross Premium Thyme honey is just step one, to be continued...

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Customer Reviews

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So good!

Such a fine and subtle honey! It's part of my breakfast routine now with greek yogurt and fresh fruits. Ugh just so so good !