E.thos of Crete

Organic Mountain Honey

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At altitudes higher than 750m, this mountainous honey has evident aromas of Cretan pine tree and thyme. They lay the foundation for this honey, together with hints of numerous other wild mountain herbs.  

Unique traits

The beehives from E.thos of Crete are positioned in a stunning region. Due to them living above a 750m altitude the bees aren't exposed to unnatural sources which weren't on Crete by nature. It allows the bees to harvest nectar from species of flower that are only endemic to Crete. Pure, unspoiled, and raw Cretan nature for you to enjoy.

Location | Crete, Greece
Honey variety | Thyme and pine dominant
Harvest | Seasonal availability only
No additives 

Your contribution

Meet Markos. Born of a Greek mother and an Irish father, he grew up in the Cretan village of Asimi. Located north of the Asterousia mountain range most of the people in his village cultivated olive trees and vines. His memories are filled with stories of olive trees, grapes, and a raki distillery. It's Markos' heritage you're contributing to when purchasing from E.thos of Crete. His dream is to share all the beautiful qualities of the largest island of Greece, Crete.

Would you like to read more about Markos' story and what it is he and his team do for their local community? Click here to read more.

Customer Reviews

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Wim Geerligs
Delicious honey

Delicious sweet honey. One spoon every day keeps the doctor away. I like to mix it with nuts, fruit and yoghurt for breakfast.

Boris Kosoric

I purchased Organic Premium honey and it was excellent. Great taste, perfect texture and sweetness.