Kalamata P.D.O.

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This Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Threpsi builds on the presence of pepper, while maintaining a full, flavourful taste and distinctive colour. These characteristics can be attributed to its P.D.O. seal. A Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O.) for the region of Kalamata guarantees the distinctive taste that comes from this historical location in the Peloponnese. 

In your kitchen

Due to its full flavour and build on a hint of pepper, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil becomes very versatile in any kitchen. It's a true companion to many flavours for a little bit of an extra kick. Think of marinades, salads, and don't be shy to complement your overall cooking.

Location | Kalamata, Greece
Extraction | Cold-pressed
Olive variety | Koroneiki
Harvest period | early fall

Your contribution

From selling their harvest to large conglomerates and not knowing where their oil ended up, Threpsi decided to take matters in their own hands. It all started with grandfather Nestoras in the 1900s. A couple generations further his granddaughter Dimitra and her husband Dionisis are the ones taking care of the olive groves located between the villages of Pylos and Koroni. In close collaboration with local farmers from the region of Kalamata, they're now able to cultivate 25.000 olive oil trees. 

Would you like to read more about their story and what it is they do for their local community? Click here to read more.

Customer Reviews

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Kalamata P.D.O.

Smooth oil

Very nice soft olive oil.


Great taste, made from the best (Kalamata) olives of the world . We use it for cooking or dressing our salads. Also nice as a gift.