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Organic Forest Honey

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The Organic Forest Honey by Bee Naturalles proves the value a diverse climate and landscape can bring to taste. Collected in the mythical woodlands of North Euboea, this honey is deliciously intense. The rich flavours are possible due to pine trees, wild flowers and herbs growing in a region untouched by humans. A rare polyflora honey ensues.

Bee Naturalles & your health

The health characteristics of any honey are determined by a so-called "study of antibacterial activity against clinical & foodborne pathogens". The benchmark for exceptional health characteristics in the world of honey is the renowned manuka variety. 

Giorgos and Chara wanted to understand how their honey compares to the manuka variety. The result is astonishing: "Bee Naturalles honey shows exceptional health characteristics compared to the manuka honey. It is at least equivalent and, at most bacteria cases, superior to manuka honey."

Every jar of honey comes with their own nutritional facts displayed on the packaging.

Location | North Euboea, Greece
Honey variety | Forest, pine, wild flowers and herbs
Harvest | Seasonal availability only
Great Taste Award | 2017 | 2019
Biolmiel Award | 2018 | 2019   
No additives
EU Certified Organic

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Bee Naturalles (est. 2013) is the creation of Chara and Giorgos. A beautiful story based on clear principles and a holistic philosophy concerning the mutual respect between human beings and nature. Their backgrounds are in natural sciences, environmental physics and art. A combination so specific, nothing but great things could come out as a result. They're aim is to help people build healthy habits, develop a nature-centered lifestyle and this all while sharing their knowledge in harmony.

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