Robust - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Ladolea's Robust edition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers intense fruitiness. Robust aromas are properly balanced, present a pungent aftertaste and release notes of exotic fruits.

In your kitchen

This Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil works tremendously well combined with strong flavours such as salads, red meats, and grilled vegetables. Ideal for BBQ and marinades. The handmade ceramic pots look incredible in any kitchen and come with a cork-pourer in order for you to easily refill the carafe. 

Harvest | yearly ± 1-20 of November 
Location | Dendro mountainous village (650m), Corinthia, Greece
Extraction | Cold-pressed below 27°C
Olive variety | Megaritiki - 100% Single Varietal
600ml & 200ml

Your contribution

By purchasing Ladolea Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil you're making sure the two brothers and founders Panos and Thanos can keep on sharing their passion for olive oil. They collaborate with hard-working local farmers, who deeply respect their environment and continuously strive for top quality using sustainable farming methods.

Would you like to read more about their story and what it is they do for their local community? Click here to read more.