Manaki First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Manaki olive is a delicate variety at the heart of this astounding Oleosophia First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Oleosophia goes through a demanding cultivation process with the Manaki olive, which is known for only growing in the Corinth and Argolis region. Only First Harvest 100% green olives are used resulting in a soft and smooth flavour at its core. With a rich aroma and discreet bitterness, surrounded by notes of grass and green tomatoes.

In your kitchen

The Manaki Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a rare ingredient to any dish. Think alongside cottage cheese, steamed fish, or a buttery steak drizzled with some Manaki olive oil to provide that note of freshness. Can also be used as an excellent replacement for butter in cakes!

Location | Corinthia, Greece
Extraction | Cold-pressed
Olive variety | Manaki - 100% Single Varietal
Harvest period | early October
Great Taste Award | 2020

Your contribution

The journey of Marianna and George started back in 2016. He was is an IT Engineer coming from an agricultural family and she is a physicist from Athens. 2 years later they were married and with their marriage their shared passion for their local land came to life in Oleosophia. By purchasing their Manaki First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you help them spread their values of family, education, respect, and trust. It allows them to keep on cultivating the delicate Manaki olive variety near Mount Fokas and produce the olive oil with the help of George's brother. A true family operation!   

Would you like to read more about their story and what it is they do for their local community? Click here to read more.

Customer Reviews

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O.M.G. the best olive oil EVER!

I'm very happy with this olive oil. I've never ever experienced a better taste than this one. Greek olive oil is really the best. Try it, taste it, you will be surprised.

The best!

Best oil, best honey, top service!!