Owners: Dimitra and Dionisis
Location: Pylos, Greece
Producing: Olive Oil

Tradition through generations

Grandfather Nestoras had been harvesting olive oil for many years, collaborating with his fellow farmers and going through business as usual. This meant the olive oil was sold to large conglomerates whereby you couldn't tell where the oil exactly ended up. A practice often carried out by local Greek farmers who produced tonnes of olive oil every season. 

Making sure the family tradition would continue, grandfather Nestoras passed down his knowledge to his granddaughter Dimitra and her husband Dionisis. Going through the winds of the early 2010's in Greece they saw an opportunity to bottle and brand their own olive oil versus selling it in bulk. 

Threpsi was born, with their young daughters Virginia & Kalliope being the centre of the brand. Virginia is their oldest and is resembled by the larger olive tree on the Threpsi bottles, Kalliope resembles the smaller tree. 

Kalamata region

The Kalamata region in the Peloponnesos is known worldwide for growing olives. Despite the Kalamata olive being the most famous, this is often not the variety used for olive oil. Threpsi is a prime example of maintaining olive groves from multiple varieties like Koroneiki and Mavrolia.

Dimitra and Dionisis spend all summers with their two daughters in the area between the cities of Pylos and Koroni, with 25.000 mesmerising trees all around them. Some aged 150 years or older!

The maintenance of their olive groves is done in close collaboration with local farmers, whose feedback and expertise helps Threpsi to provide a highly nutritious Extra Virgin Olive Oil from a true family business.

Grandfather Nestoras
[Grandfather Nestoras]

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