Owners: Vaya Mitsiou, Harry Kazas, Katerina Chatziangelaki 
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Producing: Organic Tea

Traditional habits and a modern vision

Three agriculturists, Vaya Mitsiou, Harry Kazas, and Katerina Chatziangelaki met one another during their studies and in 2015 decided to start their own business: Rhoeco.
Rhoeco is a word that can be divided into three parts:

  1. [rhoē] = ‘ροή’  - a Greek word meaning 'flow'
  2. [eco] = ecology 
  3. [co] = cooperation

Vaya, Harry, and Katerina's ambition is to revive the traditional habits of their cultivation, adapted to current demands, always supported by the principles of ecology at all stages of production. 

Based in Thessaloniki they've built an incredible network of local farmers from all over Greece who cultivate unique herbal plant species. Some of these species can only be found and grown in Greece. A huge contribution of Rhoeco to their farmers is their dedication to the ecosystem's health. All farmers rely on natural cycles to produce their herbs, making sure they produce with a minimum environmental footprint. 

Rhoeco seed stick

Preservation of nature

High quality herbal tea blends are the end product, but Rhoeco's efforts in preserving and maintaining the environment they're active in accompanies their product every step of the way. 

The impact isn't only felt within their supply chain, the impact flows all the way to the moment someone makes a purchasing decision and consumes their products.

The packaging of all their products is compostable and if you decide to buy one of their tea blends, you receive an herb stick. This you can plant yourself in the same packaging by just adding some soil!

Simply stated by the co-founders themselves: "Rhoeco does no more than packing a few portions of premium herbal tea for you, in a friendly, conscious and honest spirit." 

Rhoeco herb plant
Rhoeco's packaging

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