Konstantina from Liá

Owners: Cristina Stribacu & Konstadinos Strimpakos
Location: Filiatra, Messenia, Greece
Producing: Olive Oil


Meet Cristina and Konstadinos, sister and brother. They grew up around the olive trees their parents inherited in 1975, located near the provincial town of Filiatra in the province of Messenia, Greece. They played around the trees and absorbed all the knowledge their family had about this amazing land. Their parents inherited just 19 trees and ever since then, the entire family has played part in planting more trees with their own hands.  

As such the olive tree has become a symbol for their entire family, dedicating their roots to the tree they've learnt to love and appreciate so much.

Featured on the cover working with their olives is Konstantina, the mother of Cristina and Konstadinos.

Currently Cristina is the coordinator of the business they've set up in 2012. However, do not underestimate the impact of Konstadinos, in Cristina's own words: "Without him there's no Liá, he's the cultivator!"

Konstadinos overseeing olive oil extraction
[Konstadinos overseeing the olive oil extraction]

Love for their land

Their cultivation is situated close to Mount Egaleo and cooled by the breeze of the Ionian sea. An exceptionally rich soil together with a unique microclimate are ingredients which makes Liá Extra Virgin Olive Oil so special. 

The location is full of history, it can be linked to two ancient Greek cultural centres, the one of Nestor's Kingdom and that of the Ancient Messene. This heritage is present in all the work Liá is doing in order to prepare their olive oil. Their olive grove is open to visits, check out our map and see if their story can meet with yours on your next trip to Greece.

Liá Olive grove in Messenia, Greece
[Liá olive grove in Messenia]

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