Owners: Panos & Thanos Kloutsiniotis
Location: Melissi, Greece
Producing: Olive Oil

How it started

The economic crisis of the 2010's in Greece had a devastating effect, not only for existing small and large businesses, but also students who finished their studies and were not able to find a job anywhere. 

Meet the brothers Panos & Thanos Kloutsioniotis. Due to the crisis they decided to move back to the village of their grandparents and leave Athens. Back to where they spend all their summers when they were young boys. It was the fall of 2011 and their uncle needed a hand, olive harvesting season had arrived. Panos & Thanos decided to help out, not knowing what their future would hold anyways. 

2 weeks in, Panos took the lead and pitched his brother the idea he couldn't stop thinking about; start their own olive oil business. Thanos didn't see it, they had no idea about harvesting periods, all the methods, how does nature work? Let alone start a business depending on all this! 
Panos bothered him for days and at one point Thanos gave in: "Let's do it then, but let's make something unique." Ladolea was born.


Greece is the country in which olive oil usage goes back millennia. The oldest documented use of olive oil comes from Greece, found through countless excavations and analysis. A history which was heartfelt by Panos and Thanos. They wanted to present this heritage in their brand and what better way than to start with how the product is served? The bottle. 

Ladolea ceramic

Better yet, a bottle is not what was desired. They wanted to resemble the ancient clay pot. Ladolea took 1,5 years and 65-70 designs to arrive at the final shape. Alongside investments in their production and countless visits to fairs, events, and simple door knocking; Panos and Thanos were able to make Ladolea what it is today. 

Working in not only their own olive grove, but with surrounding farmers, they're incredibly proud and have a greater vision for Ladolea than ever before.

Ladolea Olive Grove
Ladolea olive oil extraction

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