Owners: Panos Kirnidis & Aliki Vasilopoulou
Location: Athens, Greece
Producing: Honey

Nature's talents and human attentiveness

FoodsCross stands at the intersection of nature and human's attentiveness caring for it. Founded by Panos and Aliki through pure passion, they've travelled and sourced all over Greece to fulfill their first dream: creating the best thyme honey possible. 

It started with understanding nature's talents by answering questions like; what makes thyme honey so great? And what type of nutrition is associated with thyme honey? 

Going through these motions Panos and Aliki were able to find and work together with a local beekeeper on the island of Astypalea. 

In Astypalea they let their bees grow through winter and have them source pollen all year round. In June (depending on the weather) they harvest the honey produced by the bees, however this isn't thyme honey as of now. The thyme growing season is in late summer/beginning of fall. After the early summer honey collection, the beekeeper let's the bees collect pollen from thyme in order for the bees to prepare their winter.

This is where the magic happens. The beekeeper is now able to harvest honey with an incredibly high concentration of thyme pollen (70%) from the hives. What he leaves behind is the honey harvested at the beginning of June. This attentiveness allows the bees to survive the winter and not be in need of anything non-natural. In some cases the Queens managed by the FoodsCross beekeeper have been present since 2015, even though a regular beehive Queen lives around 9-13 months. 

More to come

This eye for nature is what FoodsCross would like to apply to other organically available products from Greece. Controlling the entire supply chain from local farmers, transportation of the produce, and the packaging which is done by hand, there's plenty more to come.

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