E.thos of Crete

E.thos of Crete

Owners: Markos Kelly
Location: Crete, Greece
Producing: Olive Oil & Honey [Olive Oil available soon]

Born and raised in Crete

Born of a Greek mother and an Irish father, Markos Kelly grew up in the Cretan village of Asimi. The village is located in the Asterousia mountain range, on the south side of the island. Here most people cultivate olive trees, grape vines, and raisins. 

Markos' memories are filled with stories of olive trees, grapes, and a raki distillery. This heritage and close relation to his ancestors is the reason he's currently working with the sacred olive tree. However it wasn't an obvious choice growing up in Crete to go in this direction of working with natural produce. Markos studied in Athens at the University of Economics and Business and completed a Masters degree at the Manchester Business School.

Having lived in the UK for around 10 years and working for several large multinationals like Ford Motor Company, the calling of his home island became clear. All these Italian and Spanish premium products were for sale in the UK and Markos realised the representation of Greece was close to zero. 

Markos harvesting olives
[Markos harvesting olives]

Spotlight on Crete

In 2008 Markos took over the olive oil production facility owned by his family. For 10 years the olive oil produced by Markos was sold directly to bulk buyers, which is a very familiar sight in local Greek olive oil production. 

Not knowing exactly where his high quality oil was ending up, he knew he could do something about that. Bottling himself and building a brand. E.thos of Crete, established in 2018 was the result. 

Building on the exceptional quality from the Koroneiki olive variety and in the second year of existence expanding into Cretan honey in collaboration with his uncle, the future's looking bright. Kefi Origins is currently awaiting the 2020 olive oil harvest, but the honey from E.thos of Crete has arrived and is available! 

It's Markos' heritage you're contributing to when purchasing from E.thos of Crete. His mission is to share the beautiful qualities of the largest island of Greece, Crete.

Koroneiki Olives
[Koroneiki olives]

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