Bee Naturalles

Bee Naturalles

Owners: Chara and Giorgos Athanasiadis
Location: Euboea, Greece
Producing: Organic Honey

From science to passion

Chara and Giorgos are the driving force and founders behind Bee Naturalles. They live on the peninsula of Euboea not only taking care of their two children, but also managing all their beehives. In 2013 Bee Naturalles was founded, taking advantage of the breathtaking nature and rich biodiversity on Euboea.

Their backgrounds are in natural sciences, environmental physics and art. Which is a powerful foundation for the mission they've set for themselves: 

"Help people build healthy habits, create a nature-centered lifestyle and foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding, knowledge and harmony."

The passion with which Chara and Giorgos develop their products is unmatched. They do not only apply their philosophy to their products, but to their entire way of being, seeing themselves as ambassadors of nature and the honey bee.

Giorgos bee keeping

[Giorgos taking care of their honeybees]

More than honey

As of now Bee Naturalles' availability on Kefi Origins is focused on their honey, however there's so much more. Chara and Giorgos have set up a laboratory in Euboea where they put their studies to use. Allowing a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients like organic apiculture products, plant and herbal extracts, and essential oils, to develop into an assortment of skincare and healing produce. 

It's almost unnecessary to clarify everything is biological and EU certified. They enable nature to work in the way she's intended, through seasonal availability and making sure there's a given space for restoration and cultivation. From their story one can only assume the utmost care about everything they do.

Chara in the Bee Naturalles lab

[Chara in the Bee Naturalles lab]

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